Introducing The Hotline Inbox

How come hotline and helpline advocates don’t get one place where all of their callback requests, voicemails, pages, SARTs / Hospital Accompaniments and so forth live? Inbox is one place for all of this that helps you save time and scale your volunteer program by bringing everything to one place. Here’s another way it helps you save time and scale your volunteer program. 

Inbox Makes It Easier To Scale Your Volunteer Program

Volunteers and staff need to be able to return callback requests, but you want to be mindful of the caller-id that you use. This can be very important, depending on the specifics of your organization. For example, the caller-id is a major concern in the domestic violence space. Masking caller-id is also typically part of volunteer & staff training, but it’s hard because each phone is different.

Consider This

Would it be easier for me to train & manage volunteers if I didn’t have to show or remind advocates to block their caller-id before calling someone back? Could we have avoided some problematic situations, where someone called an inappropriate caller back using their own caller-id? Have we lost any key volunteers or staff because of these challenges?

How Inbox Helps You Scale Your Volunteer Program

Once an advocate clicks to return a voicemail or a callback request they can select any of your organization’s approved caller-ids, and then click “Dial”. It’s available today in English and Español. Please reach out if you have advocates that prefer another language.

What About Data Reporting

It’s all included. All of the data you see is downloadable by anybody that you give permissions to do so.

What If I Need More Specific Help

Just reach out. If you’re experiencing an issue, or aren’t completely happy with the systems you use to manage your local, state, or national hotline or helpline then please reach out. We’re available to help by phone, email, and video meeting.

This talk implements one of the best practices we covered in our talk at

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